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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love of my life.

Wanted to share the love of my life. Isn't he gorgeous. This picture was taken a few weeks back in Santa Barbara by Shawn Dollar, a friend of ours, while the two of them were off surfing. I love this man.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today marks a milestone moment not only for my sixteen year old son, but for me as well.  Today Christian got his driver's license. It's a big deal!  Now this kid is on the road!  He no longer has to ask mom or dad for a ride.  No longer needs to be picked up or depend on friends or his parents.  What an amazing freedom for a kid.  I could feel his anxious anticipation this morning as we got ready to go to the DMV.  He was excited...but he was also stressed.  The implications of not getting his license were much more dramatic to think about than what would happen if he actually GOT his license.  And so...we headed to the DMV.  I drove, him in passenger seat, two little girls in the back.  And Dad was going to go to, 'just on his way to work'.  Now the kid is stressing big time cause everyone is involved!  haha..

And I was fine.  I was feeling the excitement for him, allowing this moment to be his milestone and to be happy for him to experience the moment.  Of course I was a little pre-occupied with the needs of two little girls as well.  But then the moment came, after Christian left the building to go drive, dad left for work, and the girls busied themselves with drawing.  I stood on the inside of the DMV, looking out at my little boy in the drivers seat of a vehicle, getting ready to create a moment that will forever be in his memory bank.  I realized that for me, it was a milestone as well.  At some point, we as adults, have few milestones to look forward to.  I believe I have already reached so many of mine.  And then I realized that the milestones of my children become mine as well.  We live to see the legacy continue.  We live to see how the ones we've trained will live their lives.  We get to live through them as an extention of ourselves.  Because it is through them that we live on...long after we are gone.  While we are here it is our joy to embrace each of their joys and triumphs!  And so today I did.  I embraced a marker moment for my son as if it were happening to me...because in a way it was my moment too. 
I am so proud of him, of the man he is becoming...of the little boy he was...of the young man he is at this VERY MOMENT IN TIME.
(And yes, I cried.)